Summer update

2017-03-20 15:35:48 by SmokingFrog

Long time pass & I didn't post any uptades, so here they are:

• New name: "WRECK". It's way more shorter, and it goes with the atmosphere of the (future) game.

• New style: Pixel, low resolution. Characters playables are no taller than 24px. Why the change?, well for various reasons, reducing time of elaboration primarily. On the other hand, the low resolution makes easier to feel the wrecking atmosphere, and the lack of detail allows the player to imagine the world more freely.

• Script: I had throw the most part of the old one, but I have keep the most important keyscripts (?) & linked the story in a more simple way. The old script will be the Lore in the game, and for mantaining the things a bit casual & enjoyables, I will put little bits of the lore like Dark Souls, in the description of the weapons, or in NPC chat. (But not like Diablo II, maybe one joke about that).
I will keep the game in three acts, and the first one will be like a demo. with one or two bosses. Nothing to long, just to introduce the story.

Here is the presentation of the Logo. Maybe when starts the game, a similar picture will appear, probably not this, but something scripted and ready to play. (INo menu is intended, doubleclick to the exe, and play!)



Here there is a chart with the "graphics" of the game. As I can't (or want) do the sprite for every item equipped, the axis of representation is moved to category of items (0, 1, 2, 3, & 4). As the player can eqquip any item, the sprites are made in a way that sprites can be combined, giving the sensation of change when equiping something.


Here are some animations at 300%:

                   3995539_149016065141_STARTR.gif                    3995539_149024166811_TNK.gif                    3995539_149015965073_GUNSLR.gif                   3995539_149016121643_DPS.gif

Obviusly here are alll at the same speed, however ingame the more heavier the more slower.. something similar happen with the enemies.. here, let me show:



It has three stages, the first is heavier therefore the fps is "slower", and in the last stage (after loosing the heavy weapon) the fps gets faster.


Carmored: (incomplete)


This enemy is heavy, super heavy.


Jumper: (incomplete)



This enemy will be faster, ellusive, and annoying.



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