Current situation..

2013-11-09 19:22:47 by SmokingFrog

The fact that I am not been too active on newgrounds, is that besides college studies (and personal life), I'm facing a large scale project. This is a game I've been co-producing with a partner. We have closed many of the aspects of it, so I am anxious to present them here.
Unfortunately, as yet we have not been able to register, either the brand or the idea, so I will not be able upload the progress of the game on this site. It's a shame, because for me, the criticisms that could give me here, would serve much to improve several aspects.

Until then, I will try to follow uploading other things, like for example, an animation made ​​for the university, which, before uploading, I'll have to redo all the sounds, because the foleys of sound are a piece of shit.


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2013-11-09 20:30:07


best wishes on your project, stranger ;D


2013-11-09 20:43:47

Good luck on your game! I actually will be on a develpoment team for one in the future so best of luck to the both of us!!


2013-11-16 10:08:05

Good luck!