Entry #1

Work in progress

2013-02-18 16:37:03 by SmokingFrog

Since today, i've decided to present my work in progress.
Feel free to comment.

--Work in Progress--

The Journey Cake


-I'm Trying to develop different style.
-Get a childest topic in the work.
-Preserve the contrast of light and dark from my works

I'm thinking to make a game about this illustration, i don't have idea how to do a game, but i will see later..

Work in progress


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2013-02-18 16:46:58

F**k! This is awesome.
This remind me style of characters from "From Dust" videogame.

SmokingFrog responds:

I like that you like. Damn, I knew that was not going to be aesthetic original, but unlike the game, the character has no mask.